About Me

Hi there! I'm Keisha, a Bermuda based  pro makeup artist, beauty enthusiast, owner of Chrysalis Cosmetics and an everyday gal who still struggles with applying her own winged liner....#thestruggleisreal

I received my pro training  in Manchester, England. Would you believe that I was actually training to become a hair stylist? Makeup and skin care was only part of my course, but it quickly became my passion.

Nothing brings me more joy than creating gorgeous looks for my clients and teaching them the basic skills they need to recreate these looks on themselves.  I love it when a client leaves my studio pleased and confident.

My love for the makeup and beauty industry has inspired me not only to open Chrysalis Cosmetics but to also start my own makeup line "Prism by Chrysalis Cosmetics". Having my own makeup line really keeps me motivated and creative as it keeps me on my toes as to what products to add next.... I am always thinking of what to add next.

I created this blog  with pro's, enthusiasts and the everyday gal in mind, so you will find a creative mix of  tutorials, pro advice, beauty tips and tips for the everyday gal. 

Contact Info:

Email: keishadramsayATgmailDOTcom
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